Nomination Process



Please provide the following information.

  1. Name of Nominee (First/Middle/Maiden/Last); Class Year; Address; City; State; Zip; Sport(s) Played

  2. Provide information about the athletic achievements of the nominee during his/her time as a student at William Carey University.

  3. Provide any additional information that supports why the nominee should be selected.

Criteria for the WCU Sports Hall of Fame Inductee:

  1. The nominee must have completed an undergraduate degree program at William Carey University a minimum of ten years ago.

  2. Accomplishments while the nominee was a student at Carey and since will be considered, with greater weight given to the Carey years.

  3. Inductees will be chosen to represent each era of WCU athletics.

All nominations should be remitted by January 30, 2018, to Frank Baugh, Box 165, 710 William Carey Parkway, Hattiesburg, MS 39401 or [email protected] 

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Class of 2017

Marco Bruggner '94 Men's Tennis
Greg Hatten '97 Men's Basketball
Angela Thomas Cooper '93 Women's Basketball
Carl Merritt '78/ '90 Baseball
Maghan James '07 Softball
Dave Bush '78 Baseball
Dr. Neal Gregg '98 Baseball
Dennis Ray Smith '70 Baseball
John Clearman Legacy

Class of 2016

Joe Belan '63 Men's Basketball
Tommy Goodson '73 Baseball and Men's Basketball
Ted Cannon '76 Baseball and Men's Basketball
Sharon Barnes Brinson '82   Women's Basketball
LaRon Brumfield '94 Men's Basketball
Wendy Hogue '98 Softball
Dr. Benjamin Waddle Legacy Award

Class of 2015

Dan Jennings '84 Baseball
Forrest Stevenson '72 Baseball and Men's Basketball
Howard Moore '58 Men's Basketball
Janet McNease-Green '82    Women's Basketball
Rickey Coleman '82 Baseball
Rick Ferrell '71 Men's Basketball
Steve Knight '82 Men's Basketball
Bobby Halford '76          Baseball


Class of 2014

Jim Arnold '70 Baseball & Men's Basketball
Oleg Baleyev '99 Men's Soccer
Eldredge Boyd '59 Men's Basketball
Oleg Chichkanov '97 Men's Soccer
Bobby Eades '69 Baseball & Men's Basketball
Janice Butler McCullum'83 Women's Basketball
Billy Salter '58 Baseball & Men's Basketball
Doyle Wheat '58 Baseball & Men's Basketball
Dr. Milton Wheeler *  
Dale Willis '69 Baseball


Class of 2013

Tommiesene Beasley '84 Women's Basketball
James McDade '79 Men's Basketball
Ricky McMullen '79 Baseball
Glenn Moore Softball
Danny Owens '99 Men's Soccer
Robbie Parker '79 Baseball
Nancy Gartin Sterling '79 Women's Tennis
Marco Zannoni '94 Men's Tennis

Class of 2012    

Bill Payne '57                                              Men's Basketball/ Baseball/ Track & Field
Bob Cuccaro '62 * Men's Basketball/ Baseball
Billy Crosby '53 Football/ Baseball
Junior Broome' 71 Baseball
E.W. Foy '59 Men's Basketball
Ronnie Harrington '78 Baseball
Tangela Jones Hawthorne '97 Women's Basketball

Class of 2011

John Stephenson '63 Baseball
Bill Kouns '71 Baseball
Jim Smith '71 Baseball
Larry Knight '88 Baseball
Robyn McGinn Jones '97 Softball
Justin Maullin '98 Men's Soccer
Phil Hinson '99 Men's Soccer
Wendi Frosch Corales '97 Women's Soccer
Mike Necaise '71 Men's Basketball
Tony Woody '85 Men's Basketball
Dexter Pugh '99 Men's Basketball
Kathy Swilley Combest '97 Women's Basketball
Mary McCullom '88 Women's Basketball
Eddie Brown '93 Men's Tennis
Jack Jones Men's Tennis
W.D. "Step" Martin '56 Football