Letter from the AD

Dear Parent/Guardian:
This letter addresses the paperwork required to be on file in the Athletic Director's office prior to your dependent's participation in collegiate sports at William Carey, and must be received by my office, prior to participation in university team practice sessions. Your child/dependent will not be allowed to participate in practice or games until we have the following forms on file:
Documentation Required:

1.  Completed signed copy of Drug Testing Compliance Form   (click here)
2.  Completed Parent's Insurance Form    (click here)
3.  Copy of Insurance Card (or) Letter of Non-coverage (see insurance section below)
4.  Copy of valid Driver's License
5.  Completed Student Profile Sheet     (click here)
6.  Original copy of Medical Physical - Dated after May 1, 2015, must clearly state the following:

                               The clinic name, address & phone number
                               The physician's name (printed & signed)
                               Clearance for competition to participate in collegiate sports program
                               Date physical was performed
                               Physical Form    (click here)

7.  For athletes with pre-existing arthroscopic surgery injuries, specific medical clearance for post surgery participation (from the surgeon preferably) is also required.

Insurance Information

William Carey University will provide "excess" athletic accident insurance coverage for all student athletes. This means your insurance is the "primary" coverage, and our policy is "secondary" to any other collectible group insurance benefits. We do not have the option of waiving the requirement of filing with your group insurance. Before your child/dependent will be allowed to participate, he/she is required to have the following insurance related documents on file:

1. Completed Parent's Insurance Form  (and)
2. Photocopy of current, applicable group or individual insurance policy card (front and back) which covers student athlete


1. Completed Parent's Insurance Form  (indicating athlete is NOT covered by any insurance policy) (and)

2. Letter from parent(s)/guardian(s) employer(s) on official company letterhead, stating athlete is NOT covered on their insurance
If your child ever needs medical attention due to an injury that has occurred while participating for WCU, we must be able to provide their personal insurance information to all medical providers (doctors, hospitals, therapists, ect.). We must also file an accidental injury claim form with our insurance company on each injury.

Our insurance coverage will not pay on the claim until they receive the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company. You must file all medical expenses on your personal coverage, or have the service provider (clinic or physician) file with your personal insurance on your behalf. Once the claim has been paid by your insurance, you must then submit the Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company to the school, along with a copy of the itemized bill for services rendered. Copies of these items will be sent to our insurance company and final payments will be made upon approval. Please do not assume that we have received copies of the medical bills. Many providers will only send the bill to the parent(s) or student. It is your responsibility to make sure we have received all bills related to the injury. Failure to provide the Athletic Department with the required paperwork, will negate the University's responsibility toward the incurred medical bills.
Drug Testing of Student-Athletes

William Carey University will continue drug testing student-athletes this fall. As a link on the athletic webpage, you will find a consent form that must be signed and returned to my office before you will be allowed to participate in intercollegiate athletics at WCU. Please sign this form and mail it back to the Director of Athletics as soon as possible.

Drug Testing Policy
1. All student-athletes will be subject to random hair follicle or urine sample drug tests.
2. Cost will be paid by the university.
3. Students will be randomly chosen by the Director of Institutional Research using a statistical procedure.
4. Any student who fails the drug test will be subject to having all scholarships revoked, in addition to penalties specified in the student handbook.

New Student Athlete Drug Screen Policy

All new student-athletes must present a clean drug test less than 30 days prior to the start of school. The drug screen must be either a 5 panel or 10 panel. Cost of the test is the responsibility of the student-athlete.


Please mail all completed form to:

           William Carey University
           DJ Pulley, Director of Athletics
           498 Tuscan Avenue
           Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to another great year for our athletic teams.


DJ Pulley
Athletics Director