2014-15 Home Schedule
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DayTimeSport Opponent
154:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Middle Georgia State College
172:00PMMen's Soccer vs. University of West Alabama
225:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. University of Houston-Victoria
227:30PMMen's Soccer vs. University of Houston-Victoria
235:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Columbia College
237:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Columbia College
295:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Northwood University
297:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Thomas University
307:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. University of Texas- Brownsville
311:00PMMen's Soccer vs. SCAD Savannah
73:00PMMen's Soccer vs. University of West Florida
195:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Louisiana State University- Alexandria
197:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Louisiana State University- Alexandria
45:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. University of Mobile
47:30PMMen's Soccer vs. University of Mobile
115:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Bethel University
117:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Bethel University
235:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Brewton-Parker
237:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Brewton-Parker
278:00AMWomen's GolfSSAC Women's Fall Showcase
288:00AMWomen's GolfSSAC Women's Fall Showcase
305:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Martin Methodist
307:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Martin Methodist
81:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Brenau University
 First Round- Southern States Athletic Conference Tournament
175:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Tougaloo College
177:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Tougaloo College
221:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Our Lady of the Lake University
 2014 NAIA Women's Soccer National Championship- Opening Round
285:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Brenau University
287:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Dalton State College
97:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Selma University
187:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Xavier
95:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. College of Coastal GeorgiaLive Stats
97:30PMMen's Basketball vs. College of Coastal GeorgiaLive AudioLive Stats
103:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Brewton-ParkerLive Stats
105:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Brewton-ParkerLive AudioLive Stats
155:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Belhaven UniversityLive Stats
157:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Belhaven UniversityLive AudioLive Stats
172:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Martin MethodistLive Stats
174:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Martin MethodistLive AudioLive Stats
19 Men's JV Basketball vs. Delgado Community College
20 Men's JV Basketball vs. Spring Hill College- JV
275:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. DillardLive Stats
277:00PMMen's Basketball vs. DillardLive AudioLive Stats
295:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. Loyola UniversityLive Stats
297:30PMMen's Basketball vs. Loyola UniversityLive AudioLive Stats
303:00PMBaseball vs. Missouri Baptist UniversityLive Stats
30Game 2Baseball vs. Missouri Baptist UniversityLive Stats
311:00PMBaseball vs. Missouri Baptist UniversityLive Stats
104:00PMSoftball vs. Spring Hill CollegeLive Stats
10Game 2Softball vs. Spring Hill CollegeLive Stats
104:00PMBaseball vs. Louisiana State University- AlexandriaLive Stats
10Game 2Baseball vs. Louisiana State University- AlexandriaLive Stats
125:30PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of MobileLive Stats
127:30PMMen's Basketball vs. University of MobileLive AudioLive Stats
142:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Blue Mountain CollegeLive Stats
144:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Blue Mountain CollegeLive AudioLive Stats
162:00PMBaseball vs. College of Saint Joseph in VermontLive Stats
16Game 2Baseball vs. College of Saint Joseph in VermontLive Stats
206:00PMBaseball vs. Loyola UniversityLive Stats
211:00PMBaseball vs. Loyola UniversityLive Stats
21Game 2Baseball vs. Loyola UniversityLive Stats
244:00PMBaseball vs. Louisiana State University-ShreveportLive Stats
24Game 2Baseball vs. Louisiana State University-ShreveportLive Stats
253:00PMSoftball vs. Mississippi CollegeLive Stats
25Game 2Softball vs. Mississippi CollegeLive Stats
273:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Auburn University Montgomery
 Tatum Park
273:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. Auburn University Montgomery
 Tatum Park
282:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Bethel UniversityLive Stats
284:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Bethel UniversityLive AudioLive Stats
24:00PMBaseball vs. Calumet College of St. JosephLive Stats
66:00PMBaseball vs. Bethel UniversityLive Stats
712:00PMBaseball vs. Bethel UniversityLive Stats
7Game 2Baseball vs. Bethel UniversityLive Stats
134:00PMSoftball vs. Grace UniversityLive Stats
 WCU Invitational- Joseph & Nancy Fail Field- March 13-15, 2015
13Game 2Softball vs. Grace UniversityLive Stats
 WCU Invitational- Joseph & Nancy Fail Field- March 13-15, 2015
15Game 2Softball vs. Georgetown CollegeLive Stats
 WCU Invitational- Joseph & Nancy Fail Field- March 13-15, 2015
151:00PMSoftball vs. Georgetown CollegeLive Stats
 WCU Invitational- Joseph & Nancy Fail Field- March 13-15, 2015
168:00AMMen's GolfCarey Collegiate Classic
178:00AMMen's GolfCarey Collegiate Classic
174:00PMSoftball vs. University of MobileLive Stats
17Game 2Softball vs. University of MobileLive Stats
193:00PMMen's Tennis vs. Xavier
 Tatum Park
193:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. Xavier
 Tatum Park
203:00PMSoftball vs. Bethel UniversityLive Stats
20Game 2Softball vs. Bethel UniversityLive Stats
211:00PMSoftball vs. Martin MethodistLive Stats
21Game 2Softball vs. Martin MethodistLive Stats
244:00PMBaseball vs. Tougaloo CollegeLive Stats
24Game 2Baseball vs. Tougaloo CollegeLive Stats
276:00PMBaseball vs. Blue Mountain CollegeLive Stats
281:00PMBaseball vs. Blue Mountain CollegeLive Stats
28Game 2Baseball vs. Blue Mountain CollegeLive Stats
34:00PMSoftball vs. College of Coastal GeorgiaLive Stats
3Game 2Softball vs. College of Coastal GeorgiaLive Stats
41:00PMSoftball vs. Auburn University MontgomeryLive Stats
4Game 2Softball vs. Auburn University MontgomeryLive Stats
106:00PMBaseball vs. Martin MethodistLive Stats
111:00PMBaseball vs. Martin MethodistLive Stats
11Game 2Baseball vs. Martin MethodistLive Stats
146:00PMBaseball vs. Mississippi CollegeLive Stats
154:00PMBaseball vs. University of West AlabamaLive Stats
236:00PMBaseball vs. Belhaven UniversityLive Stats
241:00PMBaseball vs. Belhaven UniversityLive Stats
24Game 2Baseball vs. Belhaven UniversityLive Stats
244:00PMSoftball vs. Blue Mountain CollegeLive Stats
24Game 2Softball vs. Blue Mountain CollegeLive Stats
251:00PMSoftball vs. Belhaven UniversityLive Stats
25Game 2Softball vs. Belhaven UniversityLive Stats